MySpace Tracker by Fiona Nicholls

  1. This is my proper actual blog. It’s brand new so I welcome feedback and comments and shares and things


  2. My Windowsill, December 2013


  3. My little greenhouse, November 2013

    (baby toes are so cute!)


  4. Lovacott Pumpkin Festival, October 2013


  5. The Hyacinth Oct/Nov ‘13

    I put this hyacinth bulb over water the day I moved into my new flat in SE London. I’ve enjoyed seeing the plant progress as I settle into my new home. Today, I can see the first peep of the green leaves emerging from the head of the bulb. 


  6. Toblerone and Aggie, Summer 2013


  7. My new flat, October 2013


  8. October 2013

    It got bigger! I think it’s ‘Chicken of the Woods’, but isn’t that more orange in colour?


  9. Evie- October 2013


  10. The wares of Dartmoor Prison, 19th September 2013


  11. Fungi Spotting, September 2013

    (if anyone wants to help me identify the species here, that would be lovely, as i’m finding it really hard!)


  12. Fern Inspiration, RHS Rosemoor, Devon - September 2013


  13. My succulent hobby, August 2013


  14. The Garden, August 2013


  15. Ancestor Hunting - July 2013